St Giles Preschool June Update

Since last September 2017 a lot has happened at St Giles Preschool. We have gone from thinking we may have to close last year to having a very successful year this year and we are already full for September 2018 😊

We are now a Community Incorporated Organisation with a charitable status with a board of Trustees who have taken over the running of the business side of preschool, they have organised many successful fund-raising events this year and have applied for local community grants on our behalf to help with running costs and to put towards new resources for preschool. Our Trustees include, Catherine Swain, Julie Pigott, Lesley Brown, Ros Perry, Karen Shaw, Cassie Read and Rebecca Bevis.

This year we had a trip to the library and to the local West Bridgford Infant’s school and we started our garden project where the children have been getting involved with planting, growing, and eating all sorts of fruits and vegetables. We have been encouraging the children to talk about staying healthy and doing exercise as we did our ‘Get Active Week’ and it will very soon be our Sponsored Sports Week, when we are going to be setting up obstacle courses outside for the children to get around and also our ‘Beep Beep’ week.


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