Voluntary Committee

This Committee has been formed to enable St Giles Preschool to continue to operate under our recently awarded charity status.  All of us, familiar faces around the preschool, are parents of children who attend, or who have attended in the past.  We appreciate the amazing value the staff add to our children, enriching them and preparing them for school life in years to come.  Our role is to support the staff in any way we can, with a strong focus on fundraising and promotion.  If you would like to know more about our roles or would like to be involved in any way, please feel free to talk to us.  Information regarding forthcoming fundraising events will be detailed on our committee notice board, facebook page and website.

How To Support St Giles Preschool

Committee Trustees and Roles


Catherine Swain – Chair and Trustee


Rebecca Bevis – Secretary and Trustee


 Julie Piggott – Trustee


Ros Perry – Trustee


Karen Shaw – Trustee


Lesley Brown – Trustee